Saturday, April 19, 2014

Row as One

Thursday my Grand daughter and I were just out and about downtown. We went to Balls Softee Creme, which is the local ice creme shop/ dairy spot. Then we went to the new riverwalk by Flat River with our ice cream. 

While there the Lowell Rowing Team were getting ready for a practice run. 

Looks like a fun time to me. I have seen this on tv a few times and it was fun to see a team get in a boat and take off!

What has been new in your life lately?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Weather in Michigan or Is It the Seasons?

The theme this week for FMTSO is weather changes. Ok, so the weather in your town, or the part of the world you live, also would change with the seasons. As in Michigan, we have four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. 

I thought I would share pics of every season in Michigan.





So as you can see, the weather conditions determine the seasons. The amount of rainfall, sunshine, temperatures, etc. will make the changes.

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And as always, have a great weekend bloglings!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Out and About in Lowell

Lowell was founded as a trading post on the south bank of the Grand River in 1831 by Daniel Marsac. In 1847, he purchased land on the north side of the river and platted it as "Dansville". In 1851, a post office was established there named "Lowell" after the township. The community was replatted in 1854 and renamed after the post office. It incorporated as a village in 1861. Lowell is the home of a retired , the Showboat, Robert E. Lee.

(raining today so going to the archives for this post)

The Showboat is an emblem on the Lowell landscape that serves as a rental venue for social events and a restaurant during the Sizzlin’ Summer series.
It has a rich and colorful history from its origins in 1932, but it hasn’t always had smooth sailing.
The Lowell Showboat was the outgrowth of the Great Depression in 1932.
It was the hope that the boat would host community events drawing people together and to attract statewide attention.
It did many times, as in the case of vice-president Gerald R. Ford visiting it and entertainer Dinah Shore.

City Hall

Sometimes the streets are very quiet ....

River Walk along the Flat River

The quietness and feeling of community but close to Michigan's second largest city and major shopping centers. 

The city of Lowell today, shows evidence of some of the characteristics of a small town on the one hand and qualities of suburban life on the other. Many residents find this ideal. They enjoy the advantages of living less than twenty miles from Grand Rapids, with its large shopping centers.

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