Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Photo Watermark

Ok, I am here tonight for information. From you all!!

Do you watermark your photos? What program do you use? I have googled some tonight, such as picmarkr, batch watermark, lunapic and watermark.ws. Have you used any of these? Which is the easiest? fastest? best looking watermark? 

Any information to these and others is appreciated!

(picking your brain)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Pets and Animals

The theme this week for Friday My Town Shoot Out is Pets and Animals.

Now you always hear the ole saying........
it's a dog's life.

Well, look at this!!

I do believe it is a cat's life.

Meet Goober, the big gooba. in the back.
Cookie, the diva, on the left. 
and SuzyQ, the paper towel and toilet paper shredder, on the right.

All rescued and now living a good life.

Have a good weekend bloglings!!

to see pets and animals from around the World visit FMTSO!

Let's just admit it........ our pets are very spoiled. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Not Again!

As I sit here, working some, daydreaming some, many thoughts rambling around. Listening, hearing, seeing, thoughts going back and forth. From a time ago, 2006, to now. Back and forth, to me, and others that have traveled the same path; not by choice mind you, but by being chosen. 

I listen to people I work with laughing, teasing each other, joking, planning their night out for 1$ burger night at a local eatery/bar in town. I laugh some and also go into deep thought of all the others I know. I see fellow workers in the hall, smiling, saying hi, gossiping, talking to other friends. 

Then my thoughts go to what others at this same moment are thinking, doing, saying. Not so much laughter, but maybe from happy memories they may have a smile or two with others. Family, friends, co-workers, of one that is now gone. Taken away too early, not here anymore as it is. We can't see her anymore, or say good morning, or smile as we pass in the hall. 

The big C has won again. Taken a life way too young. This always hits me a certain way as I had cancer in 2006. I use the word "had" but one never really knows what tomorrow will bring. Every time I have a different sort of pain, a rash, a sore that just appears or bruises, I wonder, is it back? Am I going to have to go through that again? 

But this is not about me, but it does hit home. When ever I hear of someone finding out they have cancer, I get quiet. I remember, I know, I feel, what they are experiencing and will go through to try and live. Whether I know them or not, I feel for them. The struggle begins.

Don't be sad. Celebrate life, such as it is. 
Be brave, do what has to be done.

Things I need to be reminded about also.