Saturday, November 22, 2014

Winter's Beauty

A Winter Memory

Fresh-fallen snow, untouched by man, tops bushes fence and tree;
The strong, gusty wind, whirling it 'round, improves and enriches its beauty.
It sauntered down in the silence of night, leaving a scenic delight;
Now, in the sun, it dances and winks as we drink in the wondrous sight.
This is a picture-post-card scene - winter at its best;
It leaves a mark etched in our heart of when winter was our guest.

Winter Beauty

Oh yes, it is Winter in Michigan!
Roads are mushy and slippery.
You have to leave much earlier to get where you are going, to be on time that is.
Every year it is a big thing on the news here in Michigan. Oh no! There is snow out there! Ha, like that is news? We live in Michigan after all.
But the kids do so enjoy it and can't wait after the first snow fall to get right out there in it and play. The sleds emerge from their resting place from over the Summer and are loved once again. 
It is a beautiful sight, no matter of all the bad things you may hear.

Winter driving in Michigan

The official first day of Winter is December 21st. I am thinking we may be totally buried by then!! I have been hearing people predicting that we are going to have a horrendous Winter like we had last year............ they may be on to something!

(the colors and size of test went crazy in this post! can't figure it out! haha, Winter joke on me.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

First Winter Storm 2014

Michigan isn't known as Winter Wonderland for nothing!
Today we got our first Winter storm and got about a foot of snow. Bitter cold temps and strong blowing winds. This does not make good driving conditions. You get white outs and then cannot see anything, not the road or where you are going. Days like that I take the back roads to work instead of the freeways. Freeways are wide open spaces and get lots of white outs and slick black ice on the roads. 

 even snow plows get stuck

 Ada Covered Bridge

 picnic anyone?

 snow to the top of my boots

here is hoping everyone is safe and warm ........

Thursday, November 13, 2014


The theme to shoot for this week is sunsets.
Link up to FMTSO and see sunsets from around the world.

Lake Michigan Sunset

Michigan Countryside Sunset

Have a great weekend bloglings!!