Monday, October 20, 2014

Not Again!

As I sit here, working some, daydreaming some, many thoughts rambling around. Listening, hearing, seeing, thoughts going back and forth. From a time ago, 2006, to now. Back and forth, to me, and others that have traveled the same path; not by choice mind you, but by being chosen. 

I listen to people I work with laughing, teasing each other, joking, planning their night out for 1$ burger night at a local eatery/bar in town. I laugh some and also go into deep thought of all the others I know. I see fellow workers in the hall, smiling, saying hi, gossiping, talking to other friends. 

Then my thoughts go to what others at this same moment are thinking, doing, saying. Not so much laughter, but maybe from happy memories they may have a smile or two with others. Family, friends, co-workers, of one that is now gone. Taken away too early, not here anymore as it is. We can't see her anymore, or say good morning, or smile as we pass in the hall. 

The big C has won again. Taken a life way too young. This always hits me a certain way as I had cancer in 2006. I use the word "had" but one never really knows what tomorrow will bring. Every time I have a different sort of pain, a rash, a sore that just appears or bruises, I wonder, is it back? Am I going to have to go through that again? 

But this is not about me, but it does hit home. When ever I hear of someone finding out they have cancer, I get quiet. I remember, I know, I feel, what they are experiencing and will go through to try and live. Whether I know them or not, I feel for them. The struggle begins.

Don't be sad. Celebrate life, such as it is. 
Be brave, do what has to be done.

Things I need to be reminded about also. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cut River Bridge

Among Michigan's largest and most well-known historic bridges is the Cut River Bridge, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This bridge is large enough that MDOT actually has maintained this bridge as an area attraction. Surrounding the bridge is a roadside park and a series of trails around the bridge. The intent to make this bridge something more than just a crossing goes back before this bridge's status as a historic bridge to its initial construction.  The bridge was designed as an attraction even when it was built, since sidewalks above the bridge in this rural area are present. Also, a set of stairways, part of the original design, take pedestrians under the bridge where they can view the supporting trusses. The abutments and piers were also given unusually exceptional detail, in particular the use of decorative stone facing. The two main piers give the appearance are attractive cut stone arches.

You can drive on this bridge over the Cut River on US-2 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The bridge was originally painted a silver color, but is today painted green. This bridge is a steel deck cantilever truss bridge. This structure type is much more common in more hilly states like Pennsylvania, but is extremely rare in Michigan. The structure has visual complexity as a result of the extensive lattice and v-lacing on its riveted, built-up members, which are all very massive, typical for both a bridge of its size and its age.

For those who crave an "over the edge" experience, the Cut River Bridge offers an almost startling panorama of earth and sky. A steep hiking trail nearby offers a safe passage down the almost 100-foot gorge to the shores of nearby Lake Michigan.
The Cut River has indeed cut a 100-foot-deep gorge through the tall forested sand dunes in the watershed and empties into Lake Michigan at the Cut River Bridge. A steep hiking trail leads to the bottom of the gorge with direct access to Lake Michigan, across a foot bridge and back up the other side. This area is popular for offering its fantastic views of spring wild flowers and fall colors.

Beautiful area! I am thinking a color tour trip is a must for this spot. This time of year the trees are turning to their hues of oranges, reds and yellows. Perfect time for a road trip!!

Have a great weekend bloglings ............

(pics from July 2012)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Balancing Life and Living it at the Same Time

Yesterday at work we had a Health Fair. Several different businesses were there representing what they had to offer. 
Kathey Batey was there also. She is an Author / Speaker / Dramatist at Spirited Presentations, Re-Designing your life. 

"What I Know at Fifty..." 
Kathey Batey

that Life is too short for:
     Not saying I love you.
     Not forgiving others and not forgiving yourself.

Life is too short not to:
     Show kindness to strangers.
     Give hugs
     Take the inward journey to know your soul before you must face it in the eternal.
     Believe in yourself enough to go after your dreams.
     Take risks; the smart ones and the silly ones.
     Listen to a child's prayer.
     Keep your promises.

I know at fifty, I would rather hear poetry than politics,
character is easier to recognize, and sometimes the wisdom of children outweighs the logic of men.

I am the guardian of the eternal truths that:
     Children must be cherished and the elderly must be listened to.
     If you offend your Mother, you offend the world.
     If you offend a child, you destroy the world.

My life will not be measured by what I acquired or my status, but by how I loved and what I invested into those I love and in what life truths I gave away. 

Kathey specializes in women's groups, however everyone can relate to her inspirational messages of balancing life and trying to live it at the same time!

Just wanted to share. Have a great weekend bloglings!!